Wednesday, November 6, 2013

She is FOUR!

Yesterday I woke up with a four-year-old. My sweet little bear turned four and it's so hard to believe that she's a little kid now....I don't even think she qualifies as a toddler anymore. When did that happen??

To really depress myself, I created this collage that I posted on Facebook first thing in the morning to wish my girl a happy birthday:
She had school on her birthday, so that meant I got to bring up cupcakes and have a little birthday party with all of her school friends. She was so excited! She got to wear the birthday crown all day long.
Of course when the class sang Happy Birthday to her, she was embarrassed and wouldn't smile for my camera. In face she wouldn't even blow out her candles - not even with my help. So I had to blow them out because I had 9 other three-year-olds who were eager to pounce on some pink cupcakes.  Kate and Yiayia made the cupcakes on Monday and put red icing on them...and then Kate spotted a can of pink icing in my pantry and sprinkles so she requested that I put the pink on top of the red so they would be "fancy". I obliged.
 While she was at school the local florist dropped off a delivery for her, so she was quite excited to come home to her first ever flower delivery and a new Webkinz puppy that she named Belle. That came from Aunt Mandy and Uncle Dan.
We let Kate choose what she wanted for her birthday dinner, and at first she chose Rosa's...and then she decided she would rather have Cici's (which is what I thought she would choose all along) so we all went out for pizza once Nick got home from work.  After we got home from Cici's we went ahead and gave her one of her presents from Mommy and Daddy (a new Disney Princess toy box) so she spent the evening moving her toys from the trunk in her room (which was too heavy and we didn't want it to hurt her fingers) to her new toy box.

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