Friday, November 22, 2013

Train Up Thanksgiving

Yesterday was the big Thanksgiving feast at Kate's pre-school. It was chaotic and loud and children were running amok, but it was so fun too. Each child was allowed to bring two guests, so we showed up and headed into the fellowship hall and found a seat. Then the classes came in one at a time and the kids found their parents to go sit with them. It was amusing to watch their faces light up as they spotted Mommy and/or Daddy, as if they hadn't seen them in weeks despite that they were just dropped off two and a half hours earlier. They definitely loved having everyone there.

I signed up to take a dessert so I made pumpkin spice cake balls, which were all gone but 2 of them when it was over. Other families brought side dishes to go along with the ham, turkey, and dressing that the pre-school provided (Stove Top...cheaters). It was a pretty good meal though, and our bellies were full by the time we left. Kate used her Thanksgiving placemat that she had made in class. She was quite proud of her finger turkey.

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