Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving with the Korte Klan

As per tradition, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Nick's family on the Sunday afternoon before the actual holiday. We weren't really sure how the day was going to turn out, since all the weathermen were saying that we were most likely going to get a terrible ice storm with lots of sleet and crazy weather....which of course we did not get. It turned out to just be a really cold day instead of a cold and nasty day.
There was a pretty good crowd. Joe and Robbie came in from Tyler, and Joe's brothers Jimmy and Howard were there as well as his sister Debbie. Of course uncle John and Wendy were there as always. Frank's two sons were in attendance, and a few of Nick's cousins too.  Not a bad crowd, considering that we were all really unsure what to expect out of the weather.
Nick's cousin Kelsey was feeling generous this year and allowed her brother to push her face into her vanilla pie...which was great for pics.
 The cold didn't keep us from going outside for a little bit for just a few photos and a little running around, although we didn't stay outside very long. It was quite chilly after all.

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