Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

As per tradition, we spent Christmas Eve at Yiayia's house. We had our usual meal of tamales and all the fixings, and then once we had filled our bellies we began the daunting task of opening all the presents.  I am pretty sure that every year Yiayia says "we're not going to do as much this year, ok?" and every year it looks exactly the same as it did the year before. There were a ton of boxes and bags to open! The biggest pile, you can imagine, belonged to Kate of course.  She is a seriously spoiled little girl.
Kate made this face several times during the gift opening process, which for her was very tedious and slow-paced. She had to make sure she removed every single piece of wrapping paper from each box before she would proceed to the next. She also ran to give several hugs after opening especially exciting gifts.

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