Friday, December 6, 2013

ICEMaggedon Part 2

I was anxious to peek outside when I woke up this morning - and it looked like 3" of snow had fallen! No such luck, as it was literally solid ice, but still made for a pretty scene anyway.
 Kate insisted we go play outside for a little while, so we bundled up and headed out. When she looked out the window this morning for the first time, she said "wow! The city is covered in snow!" I had a hard time convincing her that this in fact was ice, not snow. I know it looks like snow, and it's cold like snow, but it does not feel or move around like snow.
 She still insisted that she make a snow angel, so she laid down and flapped her little wings as best as she could. Pretty much all she did was created a small half circle from her boots and get a hiney full of ice pellets.
 This picture was taken over the top of my back fence. I can't see over it, but I held my camera up to see what it looked like out there. There's a street there somewhere.
Later in the afternoon we went back out and played some more, and Kate discovered the joy of cardboard box sledding on the driveway.

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