Friday, December 6, 2013


It's just after midnight, and I'm sitting in the office with Nick listening to the sleet beat down on the window outside. That's right, global warming is after it again and dumping literally inches of ice on Dallas/Fort Worth as we sit here. Officially, this is Winter Storm Cleon (where do they come up with these names?) but I'm affectionately going to refer to this as ICEmaggedon 2013.I just stepped outside for a very brief moment and snapped a few photos.

The sleet officially started in Saginaw around 2 pm today and hasn't stopped pretty much since. I'm willing to bet there's already an inch out there. Right now, I'm thankful for my warm house (praying we don't lose power!) and that Nick had already taken tomorrow off because he needed to burn some PTO. Basically, we don't have to leave the house until this is all over, which may or may not be by Monday.
I'm so funny. Below, this is my neighbor's truck. It's always parked in the street, which drives me completely insane, but like most people they've rendered their garage completely useless by piling it full of crap and he has some sort of junker project car taking up one spot in his driveway.  So I get to attempt to back out of my driveway with this monstrosity blocking my view because notice, it has jacked up tires. Anyway, for some reason he parked on the sidewalk and street tonight. I'm guessing there was some sort of ice-preparedness thought behind this, because he normally doesn't do this.

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