Thursday, December 5, 2013


It's been a while since I shared Kate's latest words of wisdom.

to Nick: "Daddy, am I going to have to change my name to Mommy when I get older?"

to Nick, explaining the story of Adam & Eve:
"Adam and Eve ate the poison apple and had to leave the garden. They ate it but they did not fall asleep like Snow White."
Nick: "How did you get to be 4?"
Kate: "I just sleeped and growed and when I woke up I was not 3 anymore."

Monday in the Ridgmar Mall:
Me: "Look! Santa is at the mall. Would you like to meet him and take a picture?"
Kate, looking annoyed: "Why is Santa at the mall?"
Me: "So that kids can tell him what they want for Christmas. Would you like to meet him?"
Kate: "I don't want to meet Santa at the mall! I want to meet him at the North Pole!"

to Nick, telling him about baby Moses:
"There was that bad man. There was a little bad guy who came looking for baby Moses but did not look in the grass river. Then the Queen found Moses but that bad guy did not."

Today I dyed my hair (bought some hair color on a whim yesterday) while Kate was at school. When we got home, she noticed.
Kate: "Your hair"
Me: "Yes, I dyed it today."
Kate: "How did you dye it?"
Me: "Well I bought some hair color, put it on my hair, let it sit, and washed it out in the shower. Do you like it?"
Kate: "I like it, but I don't like your hair."

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