Saturday, December 28, 2013

Korte Christmas

This year John and Wendy flew Grandpa Jim and NayJay in from Florida for Christmas. It is the first Christmas that they've been in Texas in a loooong time. It's always fun to get to see them since they live so far away. We had an awesome Christmas lunch that Wendy fixed, with some help from others. We had the usual turkey and dressing, etc meal and all the desserts that go along with it, including some butter gooey cake.

Nick's aunts Pam and Debbie were there, as well as his dad, Joe. Uncle Lee and his wife came a bit later, after we had finished lunch. Kate had a blast playing with her cousins and they seriously wore each other out playing with a big cardboard box. I also caught Kate and Papa Joe playing My Little Ponies at one point.
 It's kind of difficult to get a serious, smiling photo with this group of people - they tend to crack jokes and make each other laugh a lot. Of course, that's not a bad thing, and often times the laughter caught on camera is my favorite type of photo.
Kate was the only great grandchild in attendance on this particular occasion. Nick was the oldest grandchild there.

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