Tuesday, December 31, 2013

MapMyWalk Summary - 2013

I skipped posting an update for November, so I decided to post November and December together because, let's face it, neither month was stellar as far as working out goes. Sure, I can blame holiday business and the 5 days of solid ice that kept me indoors, but that doesn't mean that there weren't plenty of opportunities for me to do more than what I did, especially during all that ice because I have a drawer full of work out videos. So I failed at keeping the train chugging along, and I gained a few pounds as a result. I don't even want to talk about the holiday JUNK FOOD. Seriously, what is it with this time of year and the desire to bake all manner of calorie filled, sugar infested, not even remotely nutritious in any way, junk???  I even did it myself! I literally ate pie for supper one night. WHO DOES THAT?? So I failed at staying in control over the holiday season. Next year, every time someone sends me home with some baked something, it's not even coming inside the house. It can sit in the garage until Nick takes it to work so those people can get fatter.
Anyway, here are my November/December numbers:
69.48 Total miles
18.32 Total hours
10868 Total calories
31 workouts

Nothing to write home about, really although I am still proud that I didn't just stop completely. Let's look at 2013 as a whole, because it's not as depressing as that was.  I logged my first MapMyWalk workout on July 2, so technically this is only the second half of the year:
284.88 Total miles
80.61 Total hours
44989 Total calories
138 workouts

44989 calories equals 12.85 pounds of fat burned, and since July I have lost 21 but then in the past week managed to reclaim 5 of those...so...anyway. I started 2013 12 pounds heavier than I am right now. By the end of June, I had gained some which restarted my desire to get healthier. 2014 is going to be a big year. I don't want to end 2014 only 12 pounds lighter than I am now. However, I am 38 pounds lighter than I was at my heaviest, no-pregnant weight, which was January 2011. 

Just for fun, 284.88 miles from my home puts me south of San Antonio by 6.5 miles. 
I am setting a goal for walking for 2014. I enjoy the walking, so I figure that will make it easier to keep it up. I just can't allow myself to get lazy. It doesn't hurt anyone but me. I don't want to keep having these struggles and setting these same goals over and over. So my plan is to walk 600 miles in 2014.  That's an 11.54 miles per week average, 50 miles per month. Slightly more than I did in the past 26 weeks of 2013 (my weekly average was 10.92 miles) but not so much more that I can't keep up. After all, if you're going to change yourself, you gotta push yourself, right?

Speaking of changing...here's a fun little before and after of my Dad from Christmas last year to Christmas this year. It's quite amazing what a heart attack, quitting smoking, diabetes diagnosis, and subsequent change in diet and exercise can do for a person. I'm very proud of Dad for taking all the necessary steps he needed to take to get healthier for us - we want to keep him around as long as we can.
Here's to a healthier, more fit 2014!

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