Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve 2013

Kate and I spent our last day of 2013 shopping - searching for awesome deals on clearanced Christmas decorations and trying to find her some new tennis shoes.  She picked out her outfit for the day:
 That evening we met up with Uncle John and Aunt Wendy, Uncle Lee and Aunt Cathy, NayJay and Grandpa Jim, and Papa Joe at Sushi Sam in Southlake. It's their favorite sushi joint, and they have awesome dinner entrees for us non-sushi eating folk. I tried a cajun roll last night, because I have an agreement with myself that anytime I am in the presence of sushi I will try one thing because I am determined that at some point, I will find something that I like enough to be able to say "yeah, I'll go eat sushi with you" and mean it. I love everything about sushi, except the taste. It just looks so cute and orderly and well put together and I really want to like it - but so far my quest has not really given me anything I can call yummy. Last night I had to swallow my cajun roll almost whole because the texture of the rice was so sticky and clammy that I nearly gagged. I have texture issues. But my shrimp fried rice was fabulous, and I did eat a crab rangoon and some edamame before the food came out.
 Although she will usually eat rice at a Chinese food place, Kate decided last night that she wasn't in a rice mood. On the way, we stopped at McDonalds and got some chicken nuggets for her. Once we got to the restaurant, our waitress brought Kate some cheater chop sticks, which she promptly used to eat her french fries and remaining nuggets with before they became drum sticks.
Happy New Year!

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