Friday, January 31, 2014

MapMyWalk: January 2014

Here we are, already at the end of January 2014. We've had an insanely crazy, polar vortex filled month. Between the randomly freak cold spells we've had, mixed with the occasional spring day which has brought tons of mountain cedar into the area, it's been a difficult month at best for getting outside to walk. A few of my walking trips I literally spent sneezing the entire way. It was not pleasant. But I managed to get fairly close to my goal of 50 miles for the month, despite the weather challenges and my allergies, which have been unusually bad this month. My stats:
42.31 Total Miles
11.86 Total hours
6614 Total Calories
17 Workouts
Not exactly where I wanted to end up, but in all honesty there wasn't much I could have done too differently. Some days I've felt so bad after sneezing and blowing my nose, like, 1000 times, that walking was the last thing on my mind.

I will say that the eating has not been on par with where I need to be this month though. I've had a hard time getting back on track after screwing it up so badly over the holidays. So this month I've been up one week, down the next, up one week, down the next....basically I've been losing and gaining the same 3 or 4 pounds all month. Here's to a better February!

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