Friday, January 31, 2014

Urban Exploration: Ranger, Texas: The Nannie Walker House

One of the first houses we ventured into while exploring Ranger, Texas was the Nannie Walker House. A local historian referred to it as such, but once inside we found papers with Nannie Walker's name on them so it must have been in their family. I did a little research when we returned home and learned that Calvin Hall Walker was once a prominent citizen of Ranger. He served as the mayor from 1937-1943 and was a banker and investor as well. In fact, a Google search will even turn up some lawsuits filed against him. He died in 1979. You can get a glimpse of his signature on this slip I found in the floor of the home:
 There were tons of bank slips laying all over the place. I couldn't help but wonder just exactly how much $250.00 in 2014 money would be, with inflation added in. I know it had to be a pretty large sum for 1927.

I can only imagine the gatherings, family Christmases, parties, and perhaps devotionals were held in this living room. Further searching online led me to information about the Walker children:
"ALLA AMELIA "DEE" WALKER, 18, was the daughter of Blanche

Alla Hutchison and Calvin Hall Walker. She & her twin brother, 
Alton Wesley Walker were born in Ranger on January 18, 1928.
Amelia was Valedictorian of the Class of 1944 and Wesley was
in the Class of 1945. Their father was Calvin Hall Walker, 
the prominent Ranger banker and investor who was also Ranger 
Mayor in the years 1937-1943. Amelia died young and so 
tragically as the result of being thrown from her horse while 
she was still a student. She died on August 26, 1946, at the 
age of 18, just one month after the death of her mother who 
died at the age of 46. Amelia had just completed RJC in the 
 The kitchen was pretty much in complete disarray, and half the floor had long ago caved in. It was also missing most of the roof overhead. There were really creepy cloths hanging at the ceiling and the whole room was very horror-movie ready.
 This lone chair, in the sitting room off the kitchen, is probably sitting in the same spot it has always has. It just seemed like it really belonged right there in front of that window. One the floor nearby, was a book: Ethel Cotton Course in Conversation.
Photo credit: James Wolfgang
Photo credit: Heather McClelland
I found a sweeper in the corner, so naturally I got it out to try and clean up the place a little. It was difficult with the short handle...and the fact that it was rusted so that it no longer swept.
Photo credit: Heather McClelland

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