Monday, February 10, 2014

A girl's weekend

The weather was not going to stop us from having our girl's weekend, so Natalia and I headed south during the snow and made our way through the traffic. Once we hit Mansfield it looked like no snow had even fallen anywhere, so it was smooth driving all the way to Lake Livingston after that. There were 7 of us this trip, with one new face to the group. It was so nice to get away, and I honestly think I'd go crazy if I didn't get my girl time on occasion. I need frequent breaks from reality.
The first two evenings we were there it was cloudy and rainy, so we didn't get a beautiful sunset. Some of my favorite sunsets have happened at the lake house so we were very excited when the clouds burned off on Saturday so we could enjoy a beautiful show on our last evening.
 The water was so calm that it literally looked like you could just step out on it and walk across. It's so amazing to see such a large body of water so completely calm.
On the way down Natalia and I were discussing how I had never seen the Sam Houston statue that sits on I-45, and she had never seen the actual Sam Houston grave that is in Huntsville. We made plans to rectify both of those issues on the way home, so she and I first stopped at the Oakwood Cemetery to have a loot around and take photos of the old, fancy headstones before heading a little ways south to see the big Sam Houston statue. I never even knew it existed until she told me. I've only ever been through Houston once as a small child with my grandparents on our way to Galveston, so I certainly don't remember seeing that statue. I don't remember much of that trip at all actually, except for Pawpaw showing us what he thought was a large washed up jellyfish on the beach that turned out to be a plastic garbage sack. It was too cold to swim when they took us, so we just beach combed instead. I know they took us to see the San Jacinto monument because I've seen photos but I don't remember that. So I wanted to see the statue. I felt like it was one of those things that, as a Texas, I should see once in my life.

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