Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dallas Zoo

Yesterday we went to the Dallas Zoo with Jason, Heather, Kylie, Logan, and Pop. They were visiting for a couple of days for Spring Break, so we decided it was a beautiful zoo day. Around lunch time, the rest of Dallas decided that as well, but we got there before lunch so we had a couple of hours of decent crowd sizes before it got crazy. I am assuming at some point in my life I have been to the Dallas Zoo...however I do not remember ever going. Perhaps I haven't, who knows. So I was excited to see a new zoo lay=out and different animals.
The Dallas Zoo is big...106 acres big. By comparison, the Fort Worth Zoo is 64 acres, so we're talking quite a difference. We didn't even end up seeing every part of the zoo because we were completely exhausted before we could visit it all.  I did feel like there was quite a bit of wasted space at the Dallas Zoo, and I noticed that it has a lot less shady areas than the Fort Worth Zoo. I think the Fort Worth Zoo is prettier, but Kate and I go so much that we're pretty biased.
I loved the giraffe, elephant and zebra enclosure. It was big and spacious and full of animals. I also thought the giraffe feeding was a nice touch, although the giraffes weren't interested in food while we were there (glad we didn't pay $5 for that). It's no where near as cool as the giraffe feeding at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, but a nice touch. I thought the monorail was neat, although there seemed to be a whole lot of time on the monorail spent staring into trees in between enclosures. I feel like there could be some better planning on the animals you see along that route. 
There's no shortage of bronze statues though, and you know how Kate loves to climb on them and have her picture made. The elephant herd statues were my favorite, but the kids got a kick out of picking the warthog's nose.

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