Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bicycle Upgrade

Kate has been growing so fast it seems. She's finally reached a point where she's just too big for her 12" Dora bicycle, so we decided to go ahead and upgrade her to a 16". I found a great deal at and found a $79.99 Disney princess bike for $49.99. We were able to arrange for store pick-up to save on shipping and all we had to do was assemble it.

Kate was so excited when she saw the big box in the living room, and she and Daddy got the tools out and went right to work. I don't know that she was a whole lot of help, but she kept grabbing the hammer and asking Nick what she could hammer. In between, she used the handle bar fringe as pom poms and cheered Daddy on.
 Occasionally she stopped working so she could be cute. She's really good at that.
 At last!
 Sunday afternoon was really not the best day for bike riding. The wind was really crazy and it was a little cold, so we allowed her to ride back and forth in the house for a little while, until she started deliberately running into the back door. Then we put it in the garage.
 One of her bicycle wishes, besides being a princess bike, was that it had a seat for her baby to ride along too. I found this little pink seat called Ride Along Dolly on Amazon so I could fulfill her wish. The only bikes I could find anywhere that came with that feature were the 12" size.

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