Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hi, I'm Olaf

We've had our betta fish, Tom and Jerry, for a while now. They have been hanging out on the bar in the kitchen in their side-by-side tanks. The other day I noticed that Tom wasn't looking for hot. In fact, Tom was standing vertically with his nose in the marbles on the bottom. Assuming he wasn't doing yoga, I snuck him out of the tank and flushed him.

Yesterday I decided to tell Kate that Tom had died. she asked why, so I told her he got sick. Thankfully she didn't ask what I did with him because I don't think she would have reacted well to my flushing him down the toilet.  So after we got ice cream, which was after she was such a good girl for her first big girl hair cut (just a trim), we walked over to Petco to replace Tom.

Intrucing: Olaf.
 Kate selected him out of all the choices on the shelf. She had first picked another red one, and then changed to a pretty turquoise because he reminded her of Elsa...and then she spotted this white one and decided he was the one. I had never seen one quite like him either, and I love the red and blue around his body. Naturally, when we got to the register he wasn't $3.99 like the first two she chose...he's apparently some kind of special betta because he was $14.99. Ummmm.
As you can see, we brought him home anyway. He took his place next to Jerry, whose name has been changed to Kristoff because we're going with a Frozen theme now...and we bought an Ariel and Flounder to go inside their tanks too. (Couldn't resist.) If Jerry/Kristoff croaks anytime soon, I'm making sure that she falls in love with a $4 fish next time.

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