Saturday, April 5, 2014

Disney on Ice!

Today I surprised Kate with a special Mommy-Kate date - we went to the American Airlines Center and saw Disney on Ice! I knew she would love it and although she was a little scared at first because of the volume of the music and the dark arena, she warmed up pretty quickly when mickey and Minnie came out.
She didn't like the Fantasia number at all, although I thought the ice skating brooms were very cool and the black light effect made it really neat looking, and that was followed by a Halloween themed number with a bunch of villains that again, I thought was really cool but Kate did not like it at all....but that was quickly changed when the princesses all came out in honor of Valentine's day.
That's when I captured this expression on her face, and every penny I spent on the tickets was totally worth it for her pure joy:
 The show was pretty lengthy- they skated for an hour, had a short intermission, and then skated for another 45 minutes or so.  Of course we had to visit the souvenir tables, and she came home with a new Belle necklace and Snow White doll.  They weren't cheap of course. It was a cute show and after it was all said and done Kate was thrilled she got to see it. It definitely makes me ready to go back to Disney World, but I have to wait another 11 months for that.

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