Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday in Vegas: Moving Day

When Nick was originally coming to Vegas, it was only for the Monday-Wednesday part of the Epicor Insights convention. But when Tom asked him if he wanted to attend the weekend training sessions on Saturday and Sunday too, he agreed so Jennifer had to book him a couple of additional nights. Mandalay Bay was already booked for that weekend, which is how we ended up at Luxor for the first three nights. Monday was the move over to Mandalay Bay. As it turns out...we were to actually be staying in the tower at Mandalay Bay called THEhotel, which basically makes the Luxor look like Hampton Inn. (No offense to Hampton Inn, but you get my drift.)

When I checked in and the receptionist said "Your suite isn't quite ready" my ears perked up a bit. Suite? Oh fact, a 725 square foot suite complete with living room, bedroom, one full bath (which has a TV and a phone next to the toilet!) and one half bath. When I got the call that our suite was ready, I practically ran to go explore it.
We are on the 24th floor, and while our room faces east to the airport so we can watch planes take off all the time, we have a nice view of the Luxor pyramid next door and also a bit of a view of the Strip, so it's not hidden completely. That's how we ended up with two queen beds instead of a king - when she was checking for a king size room for us I told her that the view was way more important to me than the bed!
I'm still not sure how we ended up in an amazing suite, but I'm positive that if need be, I could move right in and never leave.
Once I got all settled in, I decided that for the rest of the afternoon I would pamper myself a little bit. I scheduled a manicure and spa pedicure over at Excalibur (because both Mandalay Bay spas were booked and Excalibur was cheaper) and hopped the tram over there. My feet needed a little loving after all the walking I had been doing. The rest of the day was just a lazy, hang around the hotel kind of day until Nick finished with his conference stuff.

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