Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday in Vegas, part 1

Nick left me bright and early this morning to begin his convention stuff. I took my time getting ready, not very pleased that I woke up at 6:30 am Vegas time, which was technically 8:30 my normal time. After breakfast at he food court, I headed out onto the Strip.
I walked....and walked...and walked....if you're not prepared to do some walking, you should probably stay away from Vegas. I've read the strip is only 4 miles long from end to end, so I wasn't all that concerned with the distance. But when you start meandering in and out of various hotels and casinos to look around, well 4 miles suddenly becomes 8 miles. I made it as far north as the Bellagio before I decided to loop back around. I explored Paris, New York New York, Caesar's Palace, and also shopped in the M&M store.
I've seen tons of street performers. They're everywhere, all expecting a tip if you take their photo or pose with them. So far I've been pretty stealthy in getting shots of many of them. I did give the Transformers a buck because they posed for me.  I guess it beats getting a real job.
I couldn't come to Vegas and not play at least a penny slot, right? While at Paris I decided to give it a go, although I will admit that most of those games are pretty intimidating. Some of them I pretty much couldn't figure out the rhyme or reason for when I would win or lose...but I just kept pushing the button. At Paris I walked out $12.65 richer than I walked in, and across the street at Caesar's Palace I came out $1.35 ahead. I have so far spent $7 of my own money in penny slots and still have my $7, so I guess I'm the big winner so far. I don't foresee them offering me comps anytime soon though.

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