Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day 2014

For Mother's Day this year we kept things pretty low-key. We took Mom, Richard and Trey out to eat on Saturday night and then they treated us to ice cream. On Sunday, we went to Yaiyia's for supper that night. For lunch on Mother's Day, Kate informed me that since it was my special day, it was my pick for lunch: we could either go to Rosa's or go home and cook something. Gee, Kate, thanks! I opted instead of drive them to El Paseo for Mexican food and even left there with a red rose from our waitress.
Kate had come home from school on Thursday with a couple of gifts that her teacher had helped the kids all make for their mommies. She was so excited for my to open my gifts, but I convinced her on Thursday that I should wait until Sunday when it was actually Mother's Day.
She was so excited as I was opening everything. I could tell she was really, really proud. I knew I would love whatever was in these packages way more than anything she could have picked out from a store without even seeing them.
My gifts were great, lunch was great, the 3.1 mile walk/run I did after lunch was great...and so was the nap I took before church Sunday night. In all, I don't have a single complaint about Mother's Day. I spent it with the most important people in the world - the two people who made me a mother in the first place.

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