Tuesday, May 13, 2014

End of the School Year

On Thursday we got a note and email from Kate's pre-school explaining that each age group would be performing two songs at the 4-year-old graduation ceremony tonight. Kate was really excited that she was going to get to sing but a little nervous, although I know she wasn't near as nervous as Mommy and Daddy were. Both three-year-old classes got on stage together and sang a song about the days of the week and a cute little song called Skidamarink.
Kate never actually sang anything...she stood on her row and occasionally peeked over at us and grinned, but I don't think I saw her move her mouth but maybe one time.  I told her they all did a great job regardless, and I was so proud of her for getting up there. It's way different getting up in front of a packed church auditorium and singing than just practicing in your class with your friends.
After the graduation finished, which is pretty much an organized chaos of little kids and parents stepping over each other to snap photos, we went back to Kate's classroom to pick up her alphabet and Me books, take a picture with Mrs. Lisa, and then head to Whataburger to celebrate. I can't believe Thursday is her last day of school!

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