Thursday, May 15, 2014

Last day of pre-school

Today was Kate's last day of pre-school for the year. I'm kind of sad about that, not just because Mommy loses her Tuesday/Thursday free time (ha ha) but because Kate has loved going to school. She adores her teacher so much, and Mrs. Lisa has been a huge blessing to her. We gave her a Massage Envy gift card for her end of year gift because if I taught pre-schoolers all year, I would need a massage by now. she was quite excited.

Kate has grown and changed a lot during this school year. She's learned so much and it always amazes us when she starts using words that she's learned in the correct ways. She told me to duplicate something the other day...anyway, I put together this side by side comparison from the first day of the school year and the last day of the school year:
Today they didn't have regular class, they had field day. She spent most of the day playing in a bouncy house, eating a picnic lunch outside, probably having all kinds of candy and treats, and playing with all of her friends that she won't get to see much this summer. She's already asking when some of them can come over and play. Lisa sent me this photo from today:

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