Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Memorial

Kate's current favorite thing to do at the house to help Mommy out and go check the mail. I stand at the garage and let her walk out to the mailbox like a big girl and see if it has run. Sometimes we do this two or three times a day because she is impatient.
I was quite surprised the day that Kate came running up from the mailbox with a small package inside from the veterinarian who had euthanized Maddie for us.I couldn't imagine what might be inside, andKate was excited to open it because she thought it was only for her since it only said "Korte" as the addressee.
This is what I found when I opened the box:
They had taken the time to make a little mold of Maddie's footprints for us and placed her name at the top. The card was signed by every employee of their facility. I'm not going to lie - I cried. It's such a simple thing, but so very thoughtful for them to do that for us. It was also completely unexpected - no where in the description on the paper I looked at did they mention this little memorial. Needless to say, I was moved and very grateful.

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