Monday, May 26, 2014

Journey & The Steve Miller Band

Last night we went with our concert buddies, Brad and Kimilee, to see Journey and The Steve Miller Band. The concert was at Gexa Energy Pavillion, which is a really stupid name, by the way, and that is an outdoor venue at the Dallas Fair Park grounds....and we had lawn seats. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but yesterday it was very rainy. We all loaded up rain jackets and Mom loaned me an awesomely huge poncho that turned out to be wonderful and we went anyway.
It was raining when we arrived and of course the upgrade tickets to sit under the awning were all sold out. I noticed that most people could be identified in two ways: prepared for inclement weather or completely unaware of the water falling from the sky ALL DAY LONG. I was amused and a bit baffled by the number of white shorts/pants/capris I saw running around on a rainy day. Who wears white on a rainy day??
We picked our spot and huddled together as it rained during the first act, Tower of Power, whom none of us had ever heard of nor did we know a single song they performed. Thankfully they didn't play long. Steve Miller was the opener, so they went first. I knew 7 out of the 18 songs they played. Here is their set list:
1- Jungle Love
2- Take the Money and Run
3- Abracadabra
4- Space Cowboy
5- Living in the USA
6- Serenade
7- The STake
8- Ooh Poo Pah Doo
9- Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma
10- Dance Dance Dance
11- Wild Mountain Honey
12- Gangster of Love
13- True Fine Love
14- The Joker
15- Swingtown
16- Rock'n Me
17- Jet Airliner
18- Fly Like an Eagle

Then Kimilee and I stood in the longest line ever to potty during the break, like seriously so long that there was a bathroom attendant directing traffic, and Journey took the stage at 9:30.
1- Be Good To Yourself
2- Separate Ways
3- Any Way You Want It
4- Only the Young
5- The Star Spangled Banner (guitar solo by the amazing Neal Schon)
6- Stone in Love
7- Mother, Father
8- She's a Mystery
9- Lights (my favorite Journey song!)
10- pino solo of various hits
11- Open Arms
12- Ritual
13- La Do Da
14- Anytime
15- Wheel in the Sky
16- Faithfully
17- Don't Stop Believin'
18- Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'

By the end of the concert, we all had the munchies from the various second hand smoke we were trying not to we decided to go to Waffler House were we sat until nearly 2 am talking. It had been a while since we had done anything like that, so it was nice to have a little late night irresponsibility.  Kate was staying overnight with Grandma, so why not?

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