Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day we went to Mom & Richard's for steak and all the fixings followed by apple cobbler. After we sat around and talked and laughed for a while, Nick and Kate headed home because she was tired and grumpy and he needed to do some work. I headed out to the Dallas/Fort Worth National Cemetery with Mom, Richard and Trey. We didn't make it that morning for the Memorial Day ceremony but we still wanted to visit to see all the flags out and pay our respects. It was a beautiful day and we ended up staying until sunset.

There were several families visiting their loved ones, so I caught a few with my camera from a distance. I didn't want to impose on their time. This little boy was playing with a toy truck, pushing it back and forth on what I assumed was his father's headstone, although it might have been a different relative. Doesn't make it any less sad to see though:
Here are some more of the images I captured:

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