Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More VBS fun

VBS night 3 was a lot of fun and Kate did really well in the auditorium during the puppet show. She didn't cry or act as scared this time around (of course we were also running late so we missed part of the loud singing stuff).
 For last night's obstacle course, the kids had to dress like up in a superhero costume and throw bean bags and other items into various buckets, then end with a frisbee toss. I could tell by Kate's face that she was not going to be putting on that costume. I got close enough to hear her telling the little girl in line behind her "I do NOT like boy stuff, I only like princesses. I'm not wearing that." I knew arguing with her was pointless.
 However she was convinced to go ahead and participate even without the costume on, and I'm so glad that she did. The previous night she chose not to play at all, so it made me happy to see her make the choice on her own to join in even if it was on her terms.
 This is her best friend at Northwest, Ava. Pretty much within 3 minutes of us stepping into Northwest for the first time Ava and Kate became instant friends.

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