Monday, June 9, 2014

Northwest VBS Days 1 and 2

Last night began vacation Bible school, the first of four that we plan on attending this summer. I didn't get to go last night because I was shooting a wedding in downtown Fort Worth with a friend, but tonight I was there with my camera in hand. Thankfully we have several good photographers at church so I still got some pictures of Kate from last night.
Our theme is all about being superheroes for God. Each night the kids are learning about a superhero from the Bible. Last night they discussed David and Goliath, and tonight the lessons all focused on Samson.
Kate still isn't a fan of the loud singing and puppet show. They turn the lights down during the puppets and she still doesn't like being in the dark in unfamiliar places. The kids sing *cough*yell*cough* really loudly during praise time so I can't say that I blame her for not being a fan of that, but I'm not sure that it's a reason to cry. I have at times wondered if her hearing is just hyper sensitive, but I don't know. She really, really doesn't like loud noises. I had to hold her during those parts of the evening, but once it was time to go to class with all of her friends she was fine.

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