Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I'm a little behind in posting...but on May 30 my little brother who is supposed to be 7 years old turned 13. As in he began his teenage years. It's difficult to wrap my brain around him being a teenager but yet it is true. We celebrated as usual with cake and some presents at Mom's house. He's too old for army men or Transformers cakes now...so he had a Dallas Cowboys cake. (Although notice that he's still young enough for an Angry Birds t-shirt.)
It took him three breathes to blow out all of his candles. I made fun of him of course. What else would a big sister do? We got him our usual gift - one of the video games as requested from the list he gave me. I think we've given him a video game for every occasion for several years now. We also got him some beach stuff because they're traveling to Galveston this summer.

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