Friday, June 20, 2014


On Thursday we were invited to go to NRH2O, a local water park, with a few friends from church. It was our first adventure to a water park this summer and technically Kate's first swim of the summer, besides playing in her little pool at Yiayia's house. It was pretty cloudy on Thursday but never rained, however I think the clouds kept most people away because it wasn't crowded at all that day. It turned out to be quite the perfect day to go to the park, and I even came home with a fairly decent sunburn. Kate of course just turned brown like a little potato. I guess she can thank her little bit of Greek blood for that.
 When we left the water park, we stopped at Sonic to get a half price shake before heading home to clean up and relax. I had a peanut butter fudge shake and Kate chose Oreo. It was a pretty perfect day!

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