Saturday, June 28, 2014

Olivia's Birthday

Heather, Will, and Olivia are in Texas right now from North Carolina. It worked out that they could be here during Olivia's 4th birthday, so Kate and I headed to Mount Pleasant for a couple of days to celebrate and see their new house. They are moving back home next year once Will fulfills his time with the Navy, so they started looking around at houses when they were home occasionally. There was no big rush to find one, but they managed to find the house they loved and didn't want to miss out on the opportunity, so they went ahead and purchased a home. It needs some cosmetic work, so they have lots of time to do flooring and painting. Heather's dad is retired now, so they've put him to work on the house. So much for retirement, right?

Anyway, on Thursday Kate and I got up and headed east. She did pretty well in the car but also took the opportunity to let me know a few times that it was a long way and she was tired of sitting in the car. It takes us just over two hours to make the trip.  We met up with Heather for lunch at Mount Pleasant Burgers & Fries before going to pick up Olivia and head to the house for a tour. Will and Don were working on removing tile for the new stuff to be laid, so they took a break while we were looking around. After we finished there we took advantage of the pool at our motel for about an hour.

Friday was party day so we mostly helped get ready for the party while the girls played.  Olivia had a Frozen themed party, like pretty much every single little girl in the world will have for the next year. There was a house full of kids. It happened to work out that Kaycee and her girls were in town for the weekend at her mom's, so she brought them to the party as well and we got to catch up and talk while our girls all played. It's pretty cool that we have been friends for so many years (I've literally known Kaycee almost my whole life and Heather since junior high) and now our daughters, who all happen to be within months of each other in terms of age, can play and hopefully always have a great bond like we do.
 Left to right: Elisabeth, Olivia, and Kate...or Kaycee 2.0, Heather 2,0, and Brandi 2.0
They also had some girl time with Brandice's little girls, Maddie and Farrah. Brandice is Heather's cousin and was born on the same day as my brother, Jason. Ah, small town life.

We had another birthday party to attend on Saturday afternoon back home for Kate's best friend from pre-school, so we got up Saturday morning and headed back home. More on that party to come.

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Kaycee Cornelius said...

Awww! We made your blog! I feel special! It is crazy to me that we all have our own little ones now!