Sunday, June 29, 2014

Frozen Party #3

On Saturday afternoon, Kate and I attended our third Frozen birthday party of the summer. Her best little friend from preschool was finally turning four, so we had to go celebrate. All Kate had been talking about was seeing Lucy, so she was more than ready for the party.

Lucy's Mom did a great job decorating pretty much their whole house for this shindig of hyperactive four year olds. She made cupcakes, a two tiered cake, oreo balls and had blue jello/ice squares. There was blue punch, sandwiches, fruit, veggies, and even beer for the dads. This was a party, for sure.

The festivities began at 1:00 and we were told in our invite that a special guest would be arriving at 2:00 to celebrate with the kids...and that's when Elsa showed up. ELSA. A freaking Disney princess. This wasn't just her random girlfriend that she bribed to entertain her child and friends. This was a professional party person, and Elsa is her current schtick because she knows where the money's at. Elsa took photos with everyone. Elsa painted faces. Elsa sang Let It Go and danced with the kids, Elsa read a story to the kids....and 60 minutes later, Elsa packed up and left.
I was left to wonder how much that 60 minutes cost, because approximately 75 seconds after Elsa arrived, Kate ran over to me and said that when she has her Frozen party in November she wants Elsa AND Anna to come! Please Mommy, please please??  Should I just take that out of her present fund? Ok, you can have Elsa, but Mommy isn't buying you a birthday present too...and depending on how much Elsa costs you may not get Christmas either.

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