Sunday, June 29, 2014

Concerts in the Gardens

One of the fun activities to take in during the summer in Fort Worth is the Concerts in the Gardens series that is held at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. There's a huge stage set up, the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra is there, and you can spend some extra money on a table towards the front or just buy lawn seats and bring your own chair or blankets. Everyone packs a picnic and drinks, and it's a good time. This year I really wanted to go on the night they were doing Windborne's Music of the Eagles (a cover band along with the orchestra) so Nick and I had ourselves a little date night. At the end of the evening there are even fireworks! It's a lot of fun and was my first time to go, although I'm pretty sure we will make this a regular thing each year because we had fun. One week they did Journey music, and another night was Star Wars night with a laser show!
Photo by Brian Luenser

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