Tuesday, July 1, 2014

MapMyWalk: June 2014

June has been busy and a little hot....but thankfully not near as hot as it could have been. I've actually walked outside more than I thought I would, although I've definitely been taking advantage of my indoor walking videos this summer. But as far as time goes, June has been busy!! I don't know how we managed to fill up our calendar so much, but we did. Here's my stats:
49.53 Total Miles
14.55 Total Hours
7675 Total Calories
24 Workouts
In the month of June, I took 312,016 steps (which includes all walking, not just for exercise)

For 2014, I have completed 321.18 miles and have 278.82 left to reach my goal.  I beat the 46 miles that I needed to hit to keep myself on track for June. Since we are now entering the second half of the year, I am feeling really good about meeting and beating my goal. While I don't have any major numbers to report as far as weight change, I have lost some inches so I'm pleased with that. I'm still struggling with eating better (because we're eating out so dang much these days) but I'm working on it. If people would stop tempting me I'd be doing better! *cough*Nana's brownies*cough*

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