Friday, July 4, 2014

Rockin' the River

Last night I headed downtown with Mom, Richard, Trey and his friend Ricky to watch fireworks from Rockin' the River. They do fireworks every week after the concert. A fellow photographer friend gave me some pointers on where we could park away from all the traffic letting out of the event later, but it would require us to walk a little ways (3/4 of a mile) along the Trinity River to get set up. So we hiked up the rather steep banks they put in along the river and over so we could get down to the sidewalk.

We arrived around 40 minutes before the fireworks started, so we took the opportunity to do some light painting with our cell phones and also shot some photos of the skyline. We had a really nice view of the whole city from where we stood.
 Finally it was time for the fireworks to begin, and man did they ever! Right about the same time as the Rockin' the River fireworks started, across Main Street at the Fort Worth Cats game they also started shooting them off. About 1 minute later, way over in the Botanic Gardens, the fireworks began for the Concerts in the Gardens, so we had a show going on three side of us! It was difficult to figure out which way to look most of the time.
 But then, right as the finale was about to begin for the Rockin' the River fireworks, this happened:
 I'm fairly certain that it wasn't planned or part of the actual show, but we thought it was pretty cool, nonetheless. I wasn't even sure if I got the shot until I got home and uploaded everything last night.
I'm looking forward to more fireworks fun tonight with our church family!

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