Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lionel Richie

Friday night Nick and I went with Brad and Kimilee to Dallas to see Lionel Richie in concert. He was fabulous!! He was incredible in person and we had a blast! I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy the show (I don't know why - his music is amazing) but it was way up on the list in terms of favorites I've ever been to. He sounded great, his songs sounded like the albums, and he was great with crowd interaction.
1. All Around the World
2. Penny Lover
3. Easy / My Love
4. Ballerina Girl
5. You Are
6. Truly
7. Running with the Night
8. Still (Commodores song)
9. Oh No (Commodores song)
10. Stuck on You
11. Dancing on the Ceiling
12. Three Time a Lady (Commodores song)
13. Sail On (Commodores song)
14. Fancy Dancer (Commodores song)
15. Sweet Love (Commodores song)
16. Lady (You Bring Me Up) (Commodores song)
17. Just to be Close to You
18. Zoom (Commodores song)
19. Endless Love
20. Say You, Say Me
21. Brick House / Fire (Commodores song)
22. Hello
23. All Nigh tLong
24. We are the World
 Once we hit the parking lot, bootleggers were everywhere with t-shirts. I had actually purchased one inside (for once) but when I walked past one of the guys he was saying "Concert shirts, half price!" and they had only been $10 to start with. So the next guy that I approached asked me what size and I asked him how much? He said $10, I told him I only had $5 and the other guy was selling them for $5...and he tried to make a deal with me and Nick that we could get two shirts for $15....and I told him that it didn't change the fact that I only had $5 (which was not true - I had $9, but still) he caved and handed me a t-shirt and I gave him $5. Score!

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