Thursday, July 10, 2014

More Swim Pics!

Kate is doing fabulous in swim class. On day two Cheryl had them jump off the diving board once and Kate was hesitant, at first, but her friends had just gone so the peer pressure was there to complete the jump (although she did this several times last summer in class). She managed just fine, and on days 3 and 4 she went off the diving board several times.
She will now float on her back without any touch or assistance from Cheryl, and she will lay perfectly still for several seconds. This is a major improvement over last summer for sure. She constantly fought to keep her ears out of the water last year, but finally she has become more comfortable with just laying still. At one point Cheryl had her jump in from the side, swim out, roll over to her back and then just float while laying perfectly still to the other side of the pull with only the occasional tug from Cheryl to keep her moving. She did it! I was very proud of her for sure.
 On day 4, Cheryl had her jump off the diving board, swim out to her, roll over, and then swim on her back the entire length of the pool until she reached the steps. It was awesome and I was so proud of my big girl!

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