Monday, July 7, 2014

Swim Lessons!

Today we started two weeks of swim lessons. I was a little nervous about how Kate would do today since she had an utter meltdown last night about them and proclaimed that she was "never going to go swimming again!" because she didn't want to go under water. We told her that was fine, but she still had to go to swim lessons so she could learn how to be safe in the water. This morning I was expecting the worst, and she was nervous so we went early so she could watch the class before ours to calm her nerves.

She was a rock star - not a single tear this morning before or during class! She went under when she was told, she jumped in each time she was told to, and she even turned over onto her back and floated (which was a huge issue last year and she hated that part). In fact, after class she was a little annoyed that they didn't get to jump off the diving board today.

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