Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August Birthdays

Last week on the 19th we celebrated Bill's 61st birthday at the house. We had BBQ brisket, beans and cornbread, and chocolate cake. Totally healthy, you know.
Since Yiayia and Boui went on another cruise this week (not bitter at all) and left Nana home alone for the week (their second cruise in 3 months!) and all alone on her birthday (they didn't even invite us!), we decided to take her out for brunch at Cracker Barrel. Nana loves their biscuits and gravy. Nick left work for an early lunch break to meet us. He picked Nana up on the way so Kate and I could sneak into the house real quick and leave some flowers and a card for her so they would be all set up and ready when we brought her home.
Kate spent the afternoon with Nana while I had to go to the Apple store to have my phone battery replaced. They went to McDonalds to play for a little while. Then we ended up having dinner with Nana too. I had an allergic reaction to a cashew that I ate, so we didn't go to church that evening because I wasn't feeling great and a bit out of it on Benadryl. It was a good day.

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