Friday, August 1, 2014

MapMyWalk: July 2014

July has been a pretty spectacular month, not only for exercise and getting healthy, but weather-wise and for having fun. It's been a good month. On July 20, Nick and I joined a Facebook Biggest Loser challenge that a friend of mine is putting on. We had to submit our weight, measurements, and check in with exercise and eating stuff as much as possible. It has been a huge motivation booster for me! Since the start date I've lost over 6 pounds. I think that knowing that I will be reporting my results to our challenge leader is a huge motivator to have results to report, rather than excuses, you know? I have more good things to report for July.

65.93 Total Miles
18.39 Total Hours
11,824 Total Calories
34 Workouts

In the month of July, I took 340,613 steps (which includes all walking, not just exercise)

For 2014, I have completed 387.11 miles and have 212.89 left to reach my goal of 600 exercise miles. I have 5 months left! It's so going to happen. I also started my own little "30 days of Leslie Sansone" challenge on July 14, so I've done one of her videos every single day except for one (after my 5k on Friday the 25th) and I have 12 days left on that, although I figure I will continue to do one of her videos every day because it will be such a habit by then. I hit some milestones with my Fitbit and MapMyWalk this past month too:

I love tracking my steps with my Fitbit. I've always been a chart and data junkie, so when I can see my numbers every day it just makes me happy. That's probably why I have so many spreadsheets and graphs going with data in them. It seems wild to imagine that since I got my Fitbit back in April, I have walked over 500 miles. 

August will be interesting because Kate and I will be going on vacation with Mom and Richard. I'll have 4 days of eating out and being off my normal routine - but that doesn't mean I'm planning on coming home 6 pounds heavier. I've always allowed vacation to be an excuse to eat whatever I wanted because stupid people say dumb things like "vacation calories don't count" which translates to "I'm going to be lazy and just slip back into stupid old habits that will take me another 30 days to undo." I will not be that person this time around! 

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