Saturday, August 2, 2014

Eagle Mountain Park

This afternoon we decided to take advantage of the sub-90 degree August Texas weather and headed out to Eagle Mountain Park to hike on one of the nature trails. I knew Kate would have fun and it was a nice way for us to all be together and get some exercise too!

We chose a trail that would take us down by the lake because Kate really wanted to see the water. Our total hike was 3.19 miles, and she was really quite a champ the whole time. We saw tons of wildlife and kept a running tally as we went along: 2 big lizards, 2 armadillo, 1 deer, 1 very fat bumble bee, 1 bunny, 1 cardinal, 1000s of grasshoppers, ants (it was important that we include the ants to Kate), and found 1 fossil. Kate took her little camera too, since I had my big camera.
 The following pictures were taken by Kate. She was so cute - we would be walking along and she would say "Ok, stop you guys, I need to take a picture of that." and we would stop and wait for her. A few of her photos were blurry, but overall she did a good job capturing what she set out to get.

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