Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday fun

So I've been told that I need to get my blogging rear back in gear....I hear you, Dad and Bill. So here's some random Saturday fun.

I started my morning with another free Fort Worth walking tour. It was hot, but there were still about 20 of us who came out and did a 3.26 mile walk while we learned about some more Fort Worth history. After my walk, I had a Thirty-one meeting to go to, and while I was there I received a text from Nick that Kate's bedroom closet floor was wet. Tuns out that our air conditioner condensation drains into the same spot that Kate's sink drains in to, and her sink was a little clogged so it was not draining properly. I came home to find them fixing all of that and drying out her carpet. All is well now, but it made for a long day for Nick and Bill.

After the excitement of the day died down, we relaxed and rested at home. I was pretty tired, as was Nick, and Kate was kind of wound up but also tired and in denial about it. In other words, we were all kind of cranky. But we made the best of it, grilled some sirloin for dinner and steamed some broccoli before heading outside to enjoy the new porch swing that Bill put together this morning. He and Vickie found some on clearance for $99 this past week so I made sure that they picked one up for us too.
I could have sworn that I took a photo of Kate last year next to the tree we planted when we first moved in to the new house. I looked all over my hard drive, but I couldn't find the photo so I'm guessing it was one of those things I meant to take a photo of and never got around to. So today I took a photo of her with the tree as it currently looks. When it was first planted, it stood just barely taller than I am, so slightly over 5'.  It has grown quite a bit in the past year. She insisted on hugging the tree, which is what she is doing in the second photo.

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