Saturday, September 13, 2014

Colorado Springs, day 4

Today we went hiking at the Garden of the Gods. It's one of our must-do items each time we come to Colorado Springs. Every time you visit you can see something different because it's so large. The weather was just gorgeous today - it even got somewhat hot this afternoon in the 70s and there wasn't a cloud to be found for most of the day. It was a complete opposite from yesterday.
We chose a trail and set off. By the time we got back around to our car, we had walked 2.47 miles. Kate and Trey enjoyed scrambling up rocks and making Nick a ball of nerves most of the time. She seems to think she is as big as Trey, and if Trey can do it, so can she. This is a great source of stress for Nick, so I don't generally have to worry too much because I know he is worrying enough for both of us and watching her like a hawk. Not that I think he's being ridiculous. Sometimes she pretty much has no fear.
We spent the majority of our morning in the park and then headed down into Manitou Springs for lunch. We stopped at the Wagon Wheel and had burgers (I had a black bean veggie burger and sweet potato fries, yum!) before we walked down the street and browsed in some shops and then stopped for ice cream and fudge. We let the kids play in a local park for a little bit before we headed back to the room to rest and clean up. Tonight is dinner with Krystal and Mike one last time because tomorrow morning it's time to hit the road back to Texas.

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