Saturday, September 13, 2014

Colorado Springs, day 3

Part of the reason we decided to take a trip to Colorado Springs was to attend a wedding. Nick's stepsister Amanda and her long-time boyfriend Russell finally decided the time was right to become one. The were married last evening in Denver at the City Park Pavilion, a beautiful events venue located in a huge and beautifully landscaped park in the heart of Denver. It is bordered by the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Science (we have visited both in the past). It is also an outdoor venue. The pavilion itself is a building, yes, but the iron scrollwork doors do not have glass in them as one might assume they do when you look at them online (which I had done) so we were slightly unprepared to be outside all evening while it was 39*. 

Yes, thirty-nine degrees. Cold.

The ceremony was short and sweet, performed by Amanda's brother, Mickey. Although it was overcast and cold, it was still so beautiful that it was easy to forget here and there that you couldn't feel your feet. True, we were bundled up in coats but I had failed to pack gloves and scarves because when I checked the forecast before we left Texas, 39* was not in the picture. Thankfully there were large heaters to stand under and we kept retreating to a room off to the side that did have a bit of heat, which is where the bridal party all got ready. As cold as I was, I know I was't near as cold as the poor bridesmaids in their strapless, knee-length gowns and heels. I had at least packed and wore my boots.
Kate and the bride, Amanda. They twirled together on the dance floor.
Nick's other stepsister, Sydney. She was maid of honor. 
I took the opportunity to get lots of fun family shots while we were all together and all dressed up. Kate was't feeling the photography at first, but then I gave her my camera so she could take some pictures and she warmed up and eventually began posing for me everywhere. 
Photos by Kate:
We had barbeque that was delicious (especially the chicken!) and after toasts and cake the dance floor came alive. I wish i hadn't been quite so cold (and that my new boots were more broken in and comfortable) because I would've loved to stay longer and dance. However I did get one slow dance in with my love and Kate did as well, even though I'm not sure she was happy about it. We left as the party was just getting started, partly because my feet were killing me and partly because we had an hour drive back to the hotel in Colorado Springs. 
She finally got to hold Lucas. She had been waiting for this moment. Look at his little suit!

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