Thursday, September 11, 2014

Colorado Springs, day 2

We met Krystal, Mike and baby Lucas as the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo this morning. We visited the zoo in August of 2011, so naturally Kate didn't remember any of it (she was only 21 months the first visit!) but Trey did. They have changed a lot of things and added some new exhibits since we were last there, so it didn't feel totally like doing something we had already done before. They're also currently revamping their Australia area, so someday we will have to visit again. It's one of my favorite zoos, so that is definitely not a problem.
We fed the giraffes again this trip. I love their giraffe exhibit. I wish all zoos would let you interact with the animals more. I wanted to feed the elephant too, but Nick didn't want to pay the $5 for me to do that. We walked the entire zoo, which begins at 6714 feet in elevation and goes up from there. It's one of only four mountain zoos in the world, from what I can find on Google. (The other three are in Virginia, Washington state, and Wales.)
I have a dozen or so photos of Kate with various statues and art pieces throughout the zoo. As usual, she wanted her picture made with each and every one. Occasionally she made Uncle Trey or Aunt Krystal join her for a photo.

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