Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Colorado Springs, day 1

This morning we pulled out of our driveway in Texas at 1:54 am. We arrived to Colorado Springs around 1:40 pm. It was a long day.

It started yesterday evening when Nick got home from work. He ate a quick bite of supper and went to bed by 5:45 pm. I finished packing our things and at 12:45 am I woke him up to get ready to hit the road. I had the car pretty much packed, all I needed was to get Trey in the car and wake Kate up and put her in her car seat so we could leave. In the midst of getting everything together, Kate woke up on her own, bright eyed and ready to go. It actually took her a good half hour to go back to sleep once we left town. She was rambling a 100 miles an hour and talking about how bright the moon was. I hadn't bothered to go to sleep yet, so I was quite ready to attempt to get comfortable in the front seat while Nick headed north.

I woke up once every hour and a half or two, but mostly I slept decently through the night as did Kate and Trey. We stopped in Amarillo at 6:45 for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, who by the way is in trouble because they changed the menu and no longer serve multi-grain French toast with that delicious orange yogurt sauce. After eating and walking a lap around the parking lot, we headed out again and I went back to sleep for a couple of hours. Nick said Kate stayed awake for a while, still chatting. 

When I woke up again in Clayton, New Mexico, I had managed to sleep in such a way that my seat belt was cutting across my left cheek so I had a nice big red seat belt line across my face. It didn't disappear for a good three hours.

We had some lunch in Trinidad, Colorado. I feel kind of guilty - I have been to Trinidad countless number of times on road trips and church ski trips...and I've never been anywhere other than the McDonalds that sits on the interstate. It's a pretty cool looking old town that is begging to be photowalked.

After lunch in Trinidad, I drove the last leg into Colorado Springs so Nick could catch a nap for a bit. Our room wasn't ready yet because we were early, so we headed over to Krystal's hair salon and she gave me a much needed hair cut. We got the call that our suite was ready, so we headed back to Embassy Suites and checked in, unloaded, cleaned up and rested for just a little bit before heading over to Krystal's house for taco night. It was our first chance to meet our nephew, Lucas. He's a cute little thing and he let me hold him while Momma cooked. He often cries when other people hold him, so I thought we got off on a good start.

Now we're back at the hotel, Kate is going to sleep, Trey is showering, and I just did 30 minutes on the treadmill in the gym. Tomorrow we are planning on hitting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, possibly my favorite zoo I've ever been to (next to Fort Worth, of course) and who knows what else we will get in to! 

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