Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Music of John Williams

Shortly after our date night at the Concerts in the Gardens, I received a call from the Fort Worth Symphony offices trying to sell me season passes for either their symphonic series or their pops series this year. It ended up being $105 for two tickets to each pops concert (like 7 or 8 in all) so for that price, it was really difficult to turn it down. That's a whole season of guaranteed date nights, after all.

Tonight was the first concert so we headed to Bass Performance Hall where we were treated to the music of John Williams. Even if you live under a rock and aren't familiar with that name, you know his music: Star Wars, Superman, Jaws, Shindler's List, Indiana Jones, the Olympics theme, Harry Potter, Saving Private Ryan....I could go on and on.
It was amazing. I hadn't been to the symphony in quite some time. I love getting completely absorbed by the music, and watching the instruments move in sync with one another, like a's mesmorizing. I think the Jaws theme song was my favorite to hear live - you could feel it - the danger that a piece of music can evoke is so cool. Superman was awesome too, and when they did the Imperial March, Darth Vader came out and acted as conductor....totally classic.
After the concert, we decided to walk around downtown for a while and enjoy the weather and atmosphere. It wasn't too terribly hot and Nick had not been downtown since the Square remodel was finished. We ended up at Taco Diner because we were a tad hungry, so we split two grilled avocado tacos that were amazing. They also had a fabulous green sauce. Since we ate food kind of late, I made Nick walk around downtown until we had done at least a mile and we also took the stairs to get up to the 5th floor of the parking garage. Calories in, calories out.
Our next concert is in October: Marvin Hamlisch. It should be a good show too!

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