Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Totally Awesome Day

Today was the first official day of conference sessions and things, so I had the day to do whatever I wanted while Nick was doing his thing. I slept in this morning before heading out to tour the Capital. It's about a mile from the hotel, so I got some good exercise in while walking down there. I love our Capital building - it's so beautiful! I took lots of pictures and toured parts of it I had never seen before.
After eating lunch, I did a little bit of shopping before time to head over to the convention center for the stuff I was allowed to come to.  Nick showed off the Spicy Award he won this year. which is a pretty huge deal considering they only give out 3 of them total. He had been wanting to win for a few years now, so he was honored and surprised. I'm proud! They had a happy hour for a little bit, so we mingled with people and had some fun in the photo booth.
After dropping off today's swag (we are coming home with a ton of techie crap), we changed into our 80's clothes and headed to the Spiceworld 80's party down at Austin Music Hall. They had a cover band called The Spazmatics, and they were pretty awesome. I knew every song, so I sang along, loudly, all night long! Eventually we got up and danced the night away, so my fitbit steps for today are over 22,000. We spent the evening hanging with several of our friends and some new friends we've made while at the conference.
So far this has been my favorite day!

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