Thursday, September 25, 2014

An end to the nerdiness

Wednesday in Austin I spent most of my day at the mall. I managed to buy a birthday gift and a few Christmas presents, so it was a productive trip. Wednesday was the official last day of the conference, so we had the wrap party to attend that evening but it turned out to be pretty lame, so we left and went to dinner with Art and Danielle, some friends from New York state. We had one last night in Austin before getting up on Thursday to pack and make our way home.

Since Nick nor A.J. either one had ever been inside the Capital, we decided to stop and take a short tour before we left town. We spent a little less than an hour, but it was long enough for them to see everything.

We started making our way home, stopped for burgers in Georgetown, and made it home to Saginaw around 3:45. We came home with so much extra stuff than we left with! Those vendors really love to shower you with swag.

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