Friday, September 26, 2014

Go Lions! Go Kylie!

I came home from Austin yesterday...and this morning Kate and I drove to Henderson for the night. I didn't even unpack my toiletries yesterday - there was no point! We came down because Sunday is Logan's 5th birthday (no! stop it!) and his party is tomorrow. Kylie performed with the high school drill team tonight before the football game, so we decided to come today so we could attend both events.
Kate has never been to a high school football game. We don't really know anyone who plays well enough for us to want to go, so she was completely in awe of the majorettes and cheerleaders and band and mascot was just so much! She did continually cover her ears because we were sitting right next to the band section so it was loud, but I think she really enjoyed herself. She was singing "Go Lions!" when we got to the car. We didn't actually stay for the game, although Henderson scored a touchdown while we were walking to the car. We opted instead to get out of the muggy heat and hit up Dairy Queen for some ice cream.
Next stop, birthday fun.

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