Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happy 5th birthday, Logan!

My nephew Logan turned 5 today. This means that my own daughter's 5th birthday is just 5 weeks away. I'd launch into some sort of monologue about how the time has flown, etc, but you already know that and I'm too depressed about it to complain anyway. They grow up so quickly! I'm pretty sure that I have to take her to her driver's test next month.
Anyway, we spent Friday and Saturday in Henderson for the festivities, and yesterday was his Paw Patrol themed birthday party at a park. The kids had a blast playing on two different playgrounds and of course we had cupcakes as well.
It was a long drive back home again, and I can happily say that as of right now, I have no trip on my schedule until February 2015. I'm kind of tired of traveling (I have been gone 11 days in September.) I may actually put my suitcase up in the closet for a change.

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